Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sink Or Swim

So....life is messy. You let people in, you get hurt (cue sound tech for debbie downer music...now). It's a viscous cycle. But you have two choices when the world gets you down:

(In all fairness, this isn't a real sinking picture. This is a heartwarming picture, my good friend Jen is a wee bit of a crier. This day, I had thanked her for being a good friend while she was housing me in Seattle.)

Or Swim
This is Murdock, my friend Stephanie's dog. She lives in Florida. My dog....is not a water dog.

There are times when it's okay to grieve and to hurt, and to be sad. It's okay to cry, to punch things... It's normal and acceptable to just lay in bed.

This is my water fearing baby, Baxter :) Just for you J.A. :)

But, if you're able to weather the storm, whatever it may be, you'll have a better tomorrow.

Jen and I after having a fantastic day and getting ready for an even better night
Something I've learned is that as writers, we feel...quite a bit. I think we may feel more than most people in the world, and that's okay. Give yourself time to function, to heal...and then get back to venting; writing. Life is what teaches you your stories.

Keep your head up, for any of you who are having bad days. Take care of yourself. Things take time, healing takes time.


  1. Your posts always make me feel better about the way I'm feeling, or remind me that it's worth it and necessary to put myself first. Thanks.

  2. Thank for posting that picture for me! You dog sure is cutie! Sometimes I wish I could turn all that emotion off, but then would I really be a writer? I think not. Great post!

  3. @Jordan, You're more than welcome. I'm glad they help :)

    @J.A. You're also welcome :). I love Bax, a lot. And yea...the emotion thing...I always wonder who I'd be if I didn't have it...(then I realize, I wouldn't be able to write without it...)

  4. Giving yourself permission to lie in bed, cry take a long, relaxing swim is always such good advice. Thanks. After reading your post I'm giving myself permission to take a walk in the rain.


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