Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing Up 2013

2013 was a hell of a year, full of heartbreak, hope, and moving on. Here is a list of some of my favorite and not so favorite moments of it:
Kyla and Bax finally getting along

In Boston

*Being confident enough to ride (snowboard) without my huge knee brace on. It was the first time in YEARS that I've done it.

At the Sex Ed Conference :)
*I went to my first ever ProChoice rally at the State House. I met people from Planned Parenthood.

*I sold my body for money and research.

I love energy drinks
*The first ever #AbortionChat chat in February!
Last Day!

*AbortionChat's blog was created

*AWP 2013

*Having people agree to a panel in 2015

*Receiving grant funding for AbortionChat

*The Sex Ed Conference

*Getting a new job as a reporter
March Against Monsanto!

Literary Death Match!
*Getting a new job as a mental health professional

*Becoming friends with Mormons~who broke into my house to make me Depression Pie

*Adding Kyla to my little dog family

The boy I woke up to stargaze
at 2am

Working with Planned Parenthood
*Taking trips to Boston to meet and make friends

*Waking a boy up at 2am to go stargazing after arriving late from Boston

*The 30 Day Challenge: No caffeine for 30 days. It was hell. But I did it!

*Friends who donated to Baxter's veterinary care

My favorite Twitter Friend, Liz :)

*Finally quitting Rite Aid (really this time!)
The yard sale for Baxter

*Finding a crappy place to live, but having an awesome landlord

*Making new friends

*A co worker's wedding

*Celebrating a friend's housewarming and engagement!

*Completing the A to Z Challenge!

Bax's tattoo :)

AWP 2013
Laura and I with Cheryl Strayed and
Augusten Burroughs
*Getting the right size bra from Victoria's Secret 

*Writing an IOU to the local McDonald's

*Getting out of being arrested for my car registration being suspended due to unpaid EZ Pass ness

*Meeting twitter friends in real life!

*Seeing Hunger Games 2!

*Having a roommate who made me breakfast almost every morning

*Literary Death Match in Portland

*Getting my panel accepted at SEWSA 2014!

*My Baxter Tattoo

*Working with Planned Parenthood to  help create a 39 ft patient safety zone!

Laura after a day at
the mountain
*Meeting many of my literary heros

*My sister visiting Maine and FINALLY getting to take her snowboarding

Not So Favorites:
Getting locked in a basement thanks to my sketchy roommate.
Baxter getting sick. Then getting sick again. Then needing surgery. Then being hurt again.
A friend from down south dying.
An awful eye infection.
Getting fired from being a reporter.
My Mormon friends getting shipped to other places.
Kyla being diagnosed with heartworm.
The 10th anniversary of Kellie's death.
Ex boyfriend kicking my door in an almost having to get a restraining order.
The $4,500 vet bill I'm still paying off

It has been an incredible year. It's awesome to see how much I've changed in 365 days. I'm excited to see what 2014 will bring.

For all of you going out tonight, be safe. And remember that every day, you can change your life :)
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