Thursday, June 14, 2012

Checking In

It's dark, but there were no safety nets
Yes...this is kind of a regular thing here :)
Sorry I've been MIA again. Between work, losing wifi for like four days, getting pulled over by an officer who flirted with me (and turned out to be married, even AFTER he visited me at work. Grr! But hey, I got out of a $250 fine for not having my car registered and having an out of state license, so it's still a win) and writing my ass off, I've been trying to think of blog topics and falling short. I've also been doing significant amounts of "research" (see: playing with neighbors, auditioning for our version of Ninja Warrior, and playing in the road).

Because of all of this (those of you who are writers...or are friends with writers) you should check THIS out.

I find it to be extremely true. Only rum instead of whiskey...but I can change :)

Also, I'm at about 45,000 close to being done with After Elizabeth. Pretty excited. Anyone want to Beta?


  1. Do I ever feel you. While no cops have ever flirted with me, I have been busy, busy, busy! Aside from teaching, marketing my novel and writing my follow-up, I have had to work in time to eat and sleep. lol

    45,000 words, huh? So what is the approximate length you're shooting for?

    1. Yea, this writing life thing. It's crazy, crazy business.

      I usually shoot for about 50,000-60,000. The first round of edits usually adds another 10,000, so after that I'm good to query :)


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