Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memoir Writing VII: A Tribute To Memoirs

Welcome to the last day of Memoir Week! Hope you all survived. Today, I'm making a tribute to some awesome memoirs I've read in recent years, and hoping that maybe you guys have some to add to the list?

Either way, here is my top ten (in no particular order):

1) Mistaken Identity
2) Loose Girl
3) Smashed
4) Driving with Dead People
5) If I'm Missing Or Dead
6) Three Weeks with My Brother
7) All Creatures Great and Small
8) Marley and Me
9) Go Ask Alice
10) The Bell Jar

Enjoy. Happy writing and happy reading. If there was an issue you would have liked me to cover this week that I missed, let me know either in comment or via e-mail. Thanks for toughing it out!


  1. Lynne, thanks for this series. There's been so thought-provoking stuff and, I suspect some of it's been hard for you. You rock.

  2. @Sarah, some of it was hard, and I did actually lose a follower, but...such is life. Thanks so much for your support!!


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