Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have a black eye:

Because I went on an adventure with my sister and my new friend, Mike. Said adventure consisted of paddleboarding. On such endeavors, we're trained to always, always hold onto our paddles when we fall. So...being sisters, we decide to go on the same paddleboard in very choppy weather. We decide to try to stand. She falls, clutching her paddle. Her paddle collides with my face. A couple of days later, this is what I look like.

And this coming week is PNWA. Which means that because I have a black eye, I look like a trouble maker. Which means, at the airport, I'll probably get searched (wait, I get searched every time I go! Like that time after I'd gotten in a car accident and then I just started crying and soothed my woes with Starbucks). Lovely. 


The good news is...

Maybe at the conference, it'd be a good ice breaker. :)


  1. lol! You poor thing! You know, you could tell everyone it happened while doing research for your WIP, like you were trying out ninja moves or something :)
    Oh yes, and you won an award from my blog. Come check it out

  2. OUCH! But great ice breaker! Unless, of course, you decide to just use makeup on the other eye to match... :)

  3. @Jen--Thanks for the award! I considered saying the ninja thing, actually (as my motorcycle is a ninja!!), but I think it's funny to tell people my sister hit me in the face with a paddleboarding paddle. And thanks for the award!

    @Peggy--I was told my a 6 year old that I did my make up poorly. I've also considered the make-up route, but I'm not quite sure I'd be able to match it :)


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