Friday, July 27, 2012

And Baxter Ate... (Winners!)

As promised, I selected the winners of the One Stressful Sentence Contest. My sister made fun of me when I told her Baxter and I would pick the winners, but well..Baxter was responsible for don't hate the messenger. I took pictures so you'd know it was still a random selection, but more fun than a computer generated way. Also, I'm not sure if you guys know, I have the best dog in the entire world...just sayin'

Step One:
Write all contestant's names on a piece of paper

Step Two:
Summon the judge and cut out everyone's names
(Notice the dog treats :) and how Bax is like, "You rang?")

Step Three:
Break off dog treats into folded paper names. Have the judge
wait patiently **Go lay down** (he knows there are threats there, but
I told him to wait. Good boy)

Step Four:
Say, "Okay, Go!" and allow the judge to choose

The Winners Have Been Selected!...With a bit of drool

In case you can't read that last picture, here were the first three winners:

Mara Rae with the sentence:  As far as stress goes... I'm incredibly stressed out at the moment because I'm moving to Russia in five weeks for our first Foreign Services post, and I'm trying to learn Russian, query my novel, and take care of my crazy two-year-old, all while getting organized for the move! :D

Well, it isn't much, but hopefully this will help!

Next up were

Andrew Leon with:  There was a time when I had a moving deadline and the apartment complex tried to bill me for damages caused by a leak from the apartment above us.

Super stressful! I have had many 'a bad living situation.

And Kelley Lynn with:  I am rarely stressed but sometimes I get slightly overwhelmed which is currently the case because I've got a number of pretty cool things happening with a few different manuscripts so I'm trying to throw all the balls up in the air and not have them hit me on the head.
Don't get hit in in the head! We're hoping the best for you!

So, Mara, if you wanna shoot me an e-mail (or comment, whichever you prefer) of what you want: Amazon or B&N gift card, query critique, or first five page critique.

Andrew and Kelley, if you guys want, you're welcome to choose a query or first five page critique, too :)

Thanks for participating. Hope you enjoyed the selection process!


  1. WooHoo! I wish I had something I needed critiqued. And I don't query, because I'm not for traditional publishing.

    However, if I can figure out how to get this thing I'm doing up on Amazon for free, you can read that and rate it. If I can figure it out :/

    1. Keep me posted! I'll try to help you the best I can!

    2. "Part One: The Tunnel" should be available tomorrow for FREE on the Kindle. Remember, the Kindle app for your computer is free. At some point, I may make "The Evil That Men Do" free as well.

  2. I like your creativeness in picking the winners. Well except for the fact that I didn't win. (Thanks, Baxter.)

    Congrats to the winners anyways!

    1. Hahah! Thanks. It took me forever to figure out a way to make him help me pick (mainly to prove my sister wrong!)

  3. Awww, Baxter could smell my stress through the paper! And since we just got in a car accident today, the level of stress has only increased! This definitely helps :) As much as I love new books, I'll never pass up the chance for help from a fellow writer. I would love a five page critique. Thank you!

    1. OMG! I hope everyone is okay!! And geeze, if you want, we can make it a ten pager, see if that helps more? My email is in the contact me tab, send along whenevee you're ready! Just a heads up, I pirate wifi and it's being rather spotty right now, but I will get to it ASAP!

  4. I love the way that the winners were chosen! Congrats to the winners!


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