Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Am So Tired

Baxter recovering from his
procedure on Monday
It turns out, when your dog is sick, everything around you decides to speed up. So while you'd prefer to sit there on the couch and cuddle with him while his nose bleeds all over your jeans and white couch, your alarm clock beeps and says that you have to run errands before work.

This week I've been running like a chicken with my head cut off. Today I sent the AbortionChat shirts (!!!!!) to the screen printers, hung up Baxter's yard sale signs around town (after having to make them), then worked.

Now I'm writing up a presentation for a middle school on Self Esteem and Relationships, which is harder than I thought it would be. (I keep trying to remind myself how much of a butthead I was in middle school. That's the girl I'm aiming this speech at. She still hates it.)

There have been a few good things this week:
*My friends, twitter followers, and blog peeps have helped raise $485 for Baxter
*My friends and co-workers are donating items for his yard sale
*I may be taking over a column for the local newspaper
*I was asked back to a middle school for a presentation
*I got my grant proposal for AbortionChat finished up

Guys. I am so, so tired. Somehow, there is still more to do.

Wanna nap?


Please know that if you comment and I don't respond, it's not because I don't love you. It's because I don't have wifi, but I do have a bad memory.

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