Wednesday, May 22, 2013

People Watching

When you're in a big group of people,
it's easier to be invisible.
Great for watching.
I've spent a lot of time sitting off to the side and watching the way people interact. I can tell you if a girl is interested in someone, if a boy is interested in someone, who's a jerk, and who isn't. (Most of the time. Sometimes, if I've had a few beers, my super powers become fuzzy.)

If you look for small gestures, a woman placing a hand over her stomach. It's not always indicative of pregnancy, it can also signal insecurity, an eating disorder, or something else. If you look for someone playing with their phone, it can also mean more than just getting a text.

I can also read people from the way they talk. It's a little easier with people I interact with on a daily basis. In example, I once called a friend, said hello, and she simply said, "Hey."

But there was a catch in her voice and I heard it. As soon as I asked if she was okay, she burst into tears and said, "I was trying so hard not to let anyone know."

Being able to people watch and read their interactions and tone of voice helps with writing, I think. So if you feel blocked, or if you can't quite get interactions right, go to a mall. Sit on a bench and bring a notebook. Look for couples. Look for friends. Look for kids who are upset with their parents. See how they act. Try to eavesdrop on what they say.


  1. I love people watching. It's a super great way to get ideas too :)

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