Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The word REJECTION is funny if you think about it. Re-as in repeated, Jection (if you look it up) has the connotations of: hurl, throw, send, fling, hurl, cast.....as in they throw my manuscript away, they hurl it in the trash...etc. Just as the impact of being impaled from the wall or concrete would hurt...being rejected stings, a lot.

I had been researching an agent for MONTHS, and finally felt my manuscript was strong enough to submit and BAM, rejection in under 20 minutes. It hurts...but it's all part of the game and I have to keep saying that. Thankfully Jay-Z was singing in the background as I opened the e-mail saying, "You gotta get that dirt off your shoulders." And I do. I'm better at handling rejection than acceptance. I always have been.

I think I'll keep collecting my rejection letters. In the end (when I land an agent or get published, or both) I'm going to print them off and make a super awesome dart board (maybe even a Zarts! board). At least that way, I'll have something to look forward to each time I receive a letter saying, "I'm sorry, I won't represent you."

Still waiting to hear back from the rest of them!


  1. Sorry you got rejected, I would publish you if I owned a publishing company! I wouldn't keep the rejection letters, it is like keeping old love letters when you are in a new relationship...bad vibes! Hang in there, it will happen!


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