Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today at the lovely cost of $1.05 I submitted to FinePrint Lit's Backspace Conference Contest. I printed off the cover letter and my first two pages of Immortal (for short), and shipped it out during work. In exactly five days I will be submitting the novel to agents....Woo

Tin House has contacted me back, my story Breaking Myself Down is still in progress. That's good news, I hope.

I have submitted Mike and Drinking to The Way We Sleep Anthology Collection, a creative nonfiction about one of my numerous fights with Mike. This was written actually while I was drinking, because as the last line states; "It's better than crying or cutting, right?" It's scary reading through old pieces like that because of how far down I was...I'm so grateful to be stable again. (But...that's not for this blog.) I'm amazed by my writing in those time periods, it is very intense...because I was feeling very intense.

I spent some time last night over Sandy's, reading her paragraphs from the novel as I'm editing, and a story I had written about her son. She also edited The Unmaking of a Fiction Girl for me, which...was going to be submitted today, except I forgot to double space the 19 page short story ended up closer to 40. Sadly, the competition said "Up to 25 Pages, double spaced". Well, shit. Looks like I'm not submitting there. :(

The piece I read Sandy about Gary was called Stop Sign Drama (submitted to Weave Magazine). It is about the first time we stopped talking. We got into an argument at a stop sign, and I just completely shut down on him. I couldn't run away, but I wanted to...I'll keep everyone posted as to how it goes.

Right now, Zu Vincent, Tammy Henry, Laura Schmidt, Elizabeth Henry, Jennifer Olson, and Mike Appel are reading my novel. I am hoping the edits come back QUICK so I can fix up what they've given me before submitting to the three agents I've selected. 

I will keep everyone posted as to my progress :) Thanks for checking in.

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