Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Finished Product

Alright. After years of editing and revising and writing, the grand total stands at:
220 double spaced pages
Approximately 73,000 words
And one exhausted potential author. :)

Here's the game plan for the remainder of the week:
Today--Rest up, read my book "Writing Great Books for Young Adults" (Thank you Elizabeth!). See if there's more that needs to be edited.
Tomorrow--Go to work, continue reading said book. Make three perfect query letters that say "My novel rocks, finally!" without saying it.
Monday--Get edits back from my readers. Go to work, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit. Sleep.
Tuesday--Go to work, be nervous the ENTIRE day. Send out three awesome query letters, and however many pages they ask for and hold by breath. Whew.

At this time I'm also looking at getting some business cards. I also sent out my creative nonfiction story this morning, it cost $1.39 for shipping and $20 for the competition...

Have I mentioned I'm broke?

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