Sunday, April 17, 2011

Books, Books, Books

I am a nerd. I love books. I have lists upon lists of which books I want to read, and which books I stare at every time I go to Target and just can't afford. Typically though, I don't buy new books (unless I get a B&N gift card), instead I go to Goodwill, or some other thrift store and get more bang for my buck.

There is a literacy program down here (Outer Banks of North Carolina) that has a book sale twice a year. And I mean sales. Usually I spent close to $50 on books. Yesterday, I spent $27. I got well over 50 books. 20 of them were hardcover. I bought books for myself, and my sister, and Patrick. I looked for books for Mike, but it's rare I'm able to find them (I don't read geek...which is what he craves).

Some books I got:
2-Eat. Pray. Love.
The Hours
White Oleander
The Guardian (Nick Sparks)
Marley and Me (for Laura)
Lots, and lots more.
There was an excellent deal that was:
Get a paper bag. Fill it with paper back books. The entire bag was $5.
Next up, I filled a box of hardcovers. They were supposed to be $2 each. They were $1 instead.
I will take a picture of my swag soon. And I will hopefully be starting a book club soon.

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