Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well hello there. I've been kinda MIA for a bit, and I apologize. There have been things good and bad that have been going on in my life, but I don't want to be too "woe is me" so I'll share some goodness:

1) I went to see Silverstein in concert. If you don't know this band and like lyrics, and language, and powerful words...look them up. They are a Screamo band, but if you can look passed that and listen to Shane Told's's amazing. Another reason why Silverstein rocks, is because Shane is also their screamer. He's able to turn his voice into something so raw and ugly, and then something so simple and (honestly) beautiful, I stand in awe.

Easily One Of The Best Moments Of My Life
This Is Shane Told
2) I got some awesome birthday presents yesterday and a couple of days before from my good friend, Pat. He got me "Now Write" books for both creative nonfiction, and fiction. This is amazing, and once I move out of my bug infested house, I cannot wait to sit down with these and knock out some writing exercises. (Especially because I've been so angry recently it's given me another bout of writer's block. Ugh)

3) It has officially been a week since I submitted my manuscript. And I haven't gotten rejected yet. Although, I did receive another rejection the other day from an was a form letter but I couldn't stop laughing because it was the most friendly form rejection in the entire world (which included a link to other agents to possibly submit to). I love the literary world.

4) A few days before all of this, I received an e-mail from James Frey thanking me for my support of him and his writing. It was very nice, and made my night.

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