Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be Humble

I've been hanging out on Twitter a lot today, and finding that a lot of people are making fun of Nicholas Sparks, and while I've heard he's not a cool guy (I actually know someone who knows someone who punched his son in the face), I was wondering why. Personally, I don't know the guy. I read Three Weeks With My Brother and cried for like, days. It was sad and made me love Nick and his writing that much more.

But then I found this:


Now, obviously I like to talk about myself, after all, I have a blog. Even when you get your book published you are all, "My book! My book!" It's okay (or, at least I think it's okay) to talk about your book, how you got the idea, the obstacles in your way, your writing process...

However, I can't ever see me being that self involved as to just ramble about ME and not MY BOOK (okay, in all fairness, the talking about his dogs I can understand. I recently talked my friends' ears off about Baxter. Literally, for like two straight hours). I guess Sparks can get away with talking about him and things we don't know or want to know about him, as he's sold a million books, but even still...have some class.

This is a reminder to myself and fellow writers; be humble. The entire world does not revolve around you. Oh, and don't talk about how many words you can type per minute. Just don't. It's not interesting. 

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