Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kindle Vs Books

I have long been a hater of the Kindle. Why? Because it's new, and I have a hard time dealing with changes. I also used to hate the iPod until my friend Mike forced me to have one. (Now I love it.)

But the Kindle, replacing books...really? Those nicely bound, page filled, nice smelling books. Replaced by something electronic that I don't really understand. So..after much debate, I've decided I want a Kindle. But I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS love books. For fun, here's a list of pros and cons:

Kindle Pros:
*Environmentally friendly; cuts down on the cost of paper waste, isn't producing printed materials, you can upload your manuscript right to it. 
*Not a big bulky book, which means it's easier to pack up when you need to move. It also probably won't get infested with bugs when your house does.
*You can take notes on it
*It looks cool and people will think you have money if you own one :)
*You can keep many books in one small, compact object

Book Pros:
*The smell
*You have something for the author to sign 
*The cover
*If you dog-ear the book, an eternal bookmark
*Helps keep the literary industry alive
*Thrift stores! (Goodwill has books for .99 cents. Some stores on the OBX have them 3/$1.00)
*Book sales, yard sales
*Passing your books on to your children
*Book exchanges/loans

Now the Cons:
Kindle Kons (I had to, I'm sorry!)
*Pricey. Not only the Kindle itself, but the books. Some electronic versions are like $8-$9
*I would never loan my Kindle out to someone--I'm not sure if you can have them uploaded to another Kindle?
*You can't take your Kindle to all the authors you meet and have them sign it, I think that'd look weird
*Some claim they're killing the industry

Book Cons:
*New books can still be pricey, especially hard covers
*They weigh more than a Kindle
*The covers can get bent (as can the bindings)
*When you have a million (like I do) it's hard to move from one place to the other
*They can get infested with bugs, mold, pages can rip, they're not water proof

Overall, I still love books, but I'm rapidly starting to want a Kindle for the soul reason that they're not as space consuming as having tons of books.

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  1. Kindle's are convenient but will never replace print books completely in my mind.


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