Sunday, June 19, 2011


Edgar Allan Poe once said "The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetic topic in the world."

I don't remember where I was when I first heard this quote, but I think of it often. Hands down EAP and Sylvia Plath are my literary role models. Partially because everyone knows their name, partially because their work rocks, but mostly, because they weren't afraid to write dark works, to not give a shit and write what they felt like. It was raw, and ugly, and brave. Ms. Plath killed herself. EAP pretty much died in an alleyway, drunk. They both had incredibly hard lives, and essentially died alone. I feel like I will join this club, too. (Morbid, and I'm sorry, but it's the truth. Anyways, back on the blog topic:)

So what do you write about?

Personally, I write a lot about relationships. If you read my Twitter Profile it'll tell you I have commitment issues (and it is so, so true). A majority of what I write revolves around boy/girl relationships because that's what I'm bad at. I have a million fucked up little relationships under my belt, and none of them ended well, but I made some awesome characters out of some of the guys. Some of those guys I owe entire stories to, some I owe partial mannerisms.

So how do EAP and this blog tie together?

Well, awhile ago, YALITCHAT was discussing portions of novels, and their relationships and how many story lines are driven by the relationship. Poe said the death of a beautiful woman was poetic, basically you can write about her forever because it's just so damn sad, such a waste. But a dead beautiful woman would mean nothing without the person around to miss her.

And there my friends, you will always have a story worth writing about, and a story worth reading.

Someone said that we all kind of write from the loves that we've lost, and I think it's true. Even as far back as I remember there is this one him that finds his way into each of my stories; whether it was the way he held my hand or the way he made me feel when he touched me. It doesn't matter, he's still there and without him, I'm not sure I would be able to write. I know about love because of him, I know about betrayal, strength, loss, healing...all of these things because of him. (This also kind of ties into the Write What You Know advice).

So like, EAP's beautiful woman popping up again and again, I write about the lost loves, that constant ache because to me that profound loss is something that people should know about.

Your thoughts?

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