Sunday, August 21, 2011


So...If you haven't figured this out, I like to read. I haven't met a writer who doesn't like to read, and if they exist, I think they're probably an abomination. I mean, that's like a Veterinarian who doesn't like animals....It's just wrong.

I blogged back in APRIL about me spending a million dollars on books and getting a billion, and being really exicted. I promised pictures...and so I finally got around to taking some today. I think I even got more than this, but I think I've either read them, given them to my sister, Patrick, or put them away like a good kid. are the pictures from that wonderful day many moons ago:

See any books you may like?

What about now?

Some titles or authors that are held in this pile:
Joyce Carol Oates
Nick Sparks
The Girl Who Played With Fire/The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
She's Come Undone
Twisted Webs
Still Alice
Lake News (and lots of other Barbara Delinsky)
Two of Anita Shreve (she lived down the road from me in Maine...I never got to meet her :( )
The Story Sisters
Eat, Pray, Love
White Oleander
Those Who Save Us

And many others 

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