Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There's something about traveling that always makes me really sad. Something about having two carry-ons, maybe a checked bag, and hugging someone goodbye. It doesn't matter if I'm gone a week, or ten days...but my heart always aches when I walk through the terminals. I have an urge to stay, to stop feeling like I'm always running away from something...

Saying Bye To Jen

I had an amazing time in Seattle. PNWA was more than I could have asked for. I got to read the entirety of My Friend Leonard. I drank, I got free food, I had tea, I met people, amazing, amazing, people, I got requests, and I was happy.

But...I will write more within the next coming days of my adventures. I just wanted to check in and tell ya'll that I'm home :)

And while you guys may think you're happy to see me again...
Me and Bax

I think this little man is more happy  :)

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