Saturday, September 10, 2011

Music And Writing

I love music, a lot. One of my favorite parts of college was the section where we'd bring in song lyrics for my poetry class and analyze them. It's funny because I constantly forget that people who WRITE songs are WRITERS, too. It's a whole different ball game...but is it really?

Here are some bands/people that if you haven't heard of them, and you like really strong lyrics (maybe some alliteration and things like that) you may want to check out:

P.O.S.--He's a rapper. The sounds is off-beat, but he has really solid lyrics, and makes everything work together. I would recommend OPTOMIST or NEVER BETTER. These two songs sold me on his talent. From there, if you want to look up GET SMOKES on you're own, I'm too lazy to find it for you :)

Silverstein--I've mentioned these guys in a previous blog because I FINALLY got to meet Shane Told (lead singer. Amazing). These guys are Screamo, but they're friggin epic. Songs that got me into them: CALL IT KARMA, SMASHED INTO PIECES, ALREADY DEAD. These ones don't have heavy screaming in them. But one reason you may like them? The the screamer. Amazing, no?

Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate--I listened to these guys a lot in high school and college. Their music speaks to my heart, you know?  KONSTANTINE, ME AND THE MOON for Something Corporate, if you can find the acoustic version to Punk Rock Princess, do it. It'll change your life (maybe :) ). Then from there just look up Jack's music. It's alsoooo super good. When I need a solid pick-me-up, I'll put on one of their CDs.

Eminem--I'll admit, I used to not like all. And then his latest album came out, and he completely changed and rocked my world. I can now go back to his older stuff and appreciate it more. He is an amazing example of how we can all change and grow. I listen to his verse in AIRPLANES a lot when I need a push. You gotta remind yourself that you've only got you, and shit won't just fall in your lap. From there, I'd recommend I NEED A DOCTOR, and NOT AFRAID. Even The Way You Lie rocked my world.

Nicki Minaj--So she kinda hit me outta left field. I didn't think I'd get into her stuff because the beats are all old songs that I loved. But, when I listened, a lot of her stuff says things like "Haters you can kill yourselves" or "Shout out to my haters sorry that you couldn't phase me". Those are incredibly strong song lyrics, and so I started listening a little more and found myself really, really liking her music. So: CHECK IT OUT, MOMENT 4 LIFE, SUPER BASS.

Our Lady Peace--These guys shaped a lot of my music preference. Their Clumsy CD was one of the first CDs I've ever owned. I got it when I was in 5th grade, I think. I LOVE them. Twoish years ago, I finally got to see them in concert. Was front row...amazing.

I feel like this blog post made get a Round II, but those are my recommendations for the night. Hope you're all well!


  1. I am totally fascinated by people who use music so strongly in their writing, because I don't. Every time I read a post like this, it makes me wish I was one of those people! It just doesn't work with me the same, I guess. I love your list! It totally makes me want to listen to music RIGHT NOW.

  2. @Peggy, It's not just in my writing, I ALWAYS have music around me. I sleep with it on, I jam it in my car, in the shower. I don't watch TV or anything, I just listen to copious amounts of music. :)

    But I do like reading music/writing posts. I forget that we're all writers at heart :)


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