Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yay! Another Blog Award! for those of you who only know me virtually, not only am I an anxious person (see previous blog, float around through other posts...), I'm also really excitable.

Every time I get a new follower, I literally squeal and possibly jump up and down. It usually looks something like this:

God, these are terrifying pictures. I hope I didn't just scare you away...
So imagine when I get a manuscript request, or heck, even a free cookie. It's dangerous to be within a ten mile radius of my flapping arms.

Yesterday, I found that the lovely writer, Laura Barnes, gave me a blog award!!! Which resulted in the usual tackling of Baxter (who was resting peacefully beside me), and a giddy squeal (then I had to explain to my roommate who is like 60, possibly 70 years old what a blog award was).

So here's the award, and it's linked back to Ms. Barnes' blog:

If you're not aware  of how blog awards work, it's like this:
*You get one (Yay!). You can just take it, put up the pretty picture on your blog and do nothing else. That's up to you.
*You link the award back to the giver.
*You pick people to give it to.

She picked ten, so I'll do the same (in no specific order):

90% of these blogs are writing related. One I know in person, and I enjoy her blog because it's down to earth. Plus, I know her in real life, so that's fun, too :) Either way, these are the common blogs I try to pop in on at least once-twice a week...I hope you guys enjoy them, too.

*Once you've selected the fine bloggers, leave a comment on their blog and let them share in the giddy-ness. (I hope you guys get giddy, too)
*Some of the other blog awards have a series of questions so you can get to know the writer a little bit better...This one didn't come with any (yay!)...

But here are some fun facts about me anyway:

~I have the best dog in the world.
~I don't like to say that I own him, we're more like friends.
~I'm really caffeine intolerant, and it usually ends in a panic attack. But, after working at a coffee shop for a few months, I'm now also dependent.
~I'm a fast writer. I think. I'm not sure...people tell me I am. (If you go through my old posts, I have some tips on what I've dubbed speed writing.)
~I like cookies. A lot. Like...I eat a million a day.
~I like cold weather and snow..which works out since I just moved back to Maine.
~I really like Owl City's new album. Mainly because he has a song that says, "Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there"
~I hate TV
~I love music
~My car is a stick shift
~In the last month, I've been in two ditches (one ended up having to get towed out, the other pushed out)

That's all for now :)


  1. I celebrate every time I hit the refresh button and something's changed! Lol. And I'm caffeine intolerant too! Seriously, Mountain Dew = crazy Cassie

    And thanks for the award. Whoop!

  2. Welcome, guys! Thanks for having kick-ass blogs :)

  3. Two ditches! Here's to hoping that your next month is better. :) (I'm raising a cookie to clink with yours.)

    And thanks for the award! I'm crazy flattered.


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