Monday, January 30, 2012


So there I was, in the middle of a lesson, teaching my student stuff when


I dropped my heel edge and tumbled backward down the hill. My stomach ended in my throat, my teeth smashed together. My student stops, "Lynne! Are you okay?!"

I laugh, looking around for my hat and sunglasses that had flown off my face in the fall, "Yes. Do you know where....?"

"Under you," he says, with a look of worry still on his face.

The urge to vomit takes hold of my body, I tell myself it's from jarring my stomach. We finish the lesson, we high five, my head starts pounding. I go to line up to see if there's another lesson, there's not. Instead, there is a fresstyle training, so I grab a helmet (since I hadn't been wearing one before) and start learning to how to hit rails. I fall a few more times, I hurt a little bit more, I ignore it.

This morning, I get to work and my vision isn't quite...right. It kind of fades in and out, the way it doesn't when you've had three drinks too many and are going to black out at any second. I take a run on a green trail, hear rumor that maybe, just maybe I have a concussion.

At line up, I hide behind other instructors so I don't get picked. I sit in the locker room, munching on trail mix until my vision gets really blurred. I head down to patrol, and they confirm, it's a mild concussion. They give me the options:

1) Stay off snow for a couple of days. If I vomit tonight or tomorrow, if my headache and tummy ache don't dissipate by tomorrow, I MUST go to the hospital and get a cat scan.
2) They'll call an ambulance for me today, right now, and I go to the hospital for the scan.

I choose option 1, check in with my managers, fill out the paper work and head home. I've spent the rest of the day resting with Baxter.

Moral of this story is...this isn't my typical Monday post. The above text is the reason why. Sorry! Will recover soon! Real life gets in the way sometimes!


  1. Oh my gosh! Why are you even blogging??!!! Go watch something restful and pay attention to your body!!! *Sorry~ motherly instinct kicking in*

  2. @Jess, hahaha, not only am I blogging, I'm still trying to get stuff together for the competitions that are coming up. I took it easy for a few hours, but stuff's still gotta get done :( Thank you for your worry though, it makes me happy :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you're feeling better. If not, get your backside down to the hospital as soon as possible!

  4. @Sarah, thank you for your well wishes. I'm feeling pretty decent today, or at least decent enough to not merit the hospital. Expect tweets if I'm there :)

  5. Dude! A friend of mine in college got a concussion playing football, and we weren't allowed to let him fall asleep for something like 48 hours because going to sleep could have killed him. I'm freaked out that you slept with that.

  6. @Andrew, I'd heard that you're not supposed to sleep, but no one told me for how long, and at the time I didn't think it was a concussion. I'm feeling better today, which is nice, but I'm still kind of uneasy. Don't worry, I'm okay :)

  7. Head trauma is just pretty scary. It was something like that that Liam Neeson's wife died from.


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