Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writing Books II

Welcome to round two of the Writing Books Series. What does this mean? Basically that each Thursday (ideally, sometimes real life gets in the way) I'm going to post a book I've found helpful in my writing career, tell you why I found it helpful, and try to tell you a price range. I'll try to keep this up until I run out of books, or lose motivation, whichever comes first :)

So, Book Two is:

  The Writer's Block.
This small book is filled with stuff like word prompts, story prompts, pictures, and random advice. In mine, I'll use a page, and date what day I used it. (Some pages have more dates than others). I like to go through, open to any page, and use that prompt/word/image and try to go from there. When your idea pen is running dry, this is a nice boost.
Price ranges from $5-$10, but usually not much more (or less) than that. It has helped me shell out a lot of short stories, I would recommend it for those of us whose muses like to run away.


  1. That looks like a great go-to reference on the run :)

  2. @JA, It's amazing. It's helped me a lot when I've been in a jam.

  3. As well as sounding great, there's something reassuring about this nice chunky look :-) Does that sound odd?


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