Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing Books I

I'm going to start a segment on writing books that I've found very helpful in my career. Ideally, I'll post a book each Thursday (until I run out of books I own....which may happen sooner rather than later), but...forgive me if life gets in the way....which it tends to do:

So Book One for this series is:

The Market.

This book comes in many editions. Children's Market, Poet's Market, Novel and Short Story Market...etc. You'll see I have the 2009 and 2011 editions. The cool thing is, one is usually published each year, which means it can continually be a Christmas present.

The Market has writing conferences, contests, and pretty much everything a writer could ever need. It also usually comes with a membership to the Writer's Market.

This is something I look forward to every year. It's usually about $15-$30 depending on where you purchase it from. Definitely something worth investing in, at least once.


  1. sounds good! It always nice to have those kind of books in your arsenal! BTW, I gave you an award ;)

  2. @J.A, Thanks for the award!! It'll be a couple of days before I'm able to do a post about it, but I'm super excited either way!

    And yes, those book, ROCK. Mainly the advice sections, but yea, I'd highly, highly recommend them.


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