Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Train Your Brain

There's a quote somewhere that says something like, "If you want to be a writer, treat writing like a job." I can't remember where I found this quote, otherwise I'd give it more props, but either way, here is my writerly advice for the day...

In one of the books I've read, or one of the quotes, or blogs, or...some source of entertainment that is wiser than I am, I found something about writing. Yes, we all know that we should write every day to keep our skills sharp (one of those use it or lose it types of things), but did you know that you should also try to schedule a time, and keep to that time every day?


Because you can call it your "Creative Hour" or "Creative Time". In example, if you do it between 9am-10am, your brain eventually will start to expect that, 'Oh, this is my time to be creative, I must make something up'. It's a way to keep your muse in check when he or she tries to run away.

But here's the truth; most of us have real lives, outside of keeping up our blogs, our writing, our jobs, our twitter/facebook/goodreads...It's hard to schedule a time. It's hard to be able to stick to that time.

If you're able, rock it. If not, then you're with the other 95% of the population.



  1. I stick to a time (I have no choice, there is no other time in the day) but that doesn't mean I can always be productive in that hour.

  2. I'm with the other 95% :) I'd love to have writing as my job! Maybe some day...

  3. I try to do this. I usually try to write in the afternoon, but I find that most of my best writing happens at night *shrugs* Good thing I'm a little bit of an insomniac :)
    Hope you have a great one,
    Ninja Girl

  4. @JA, Haha, there's nothing wrong with being unproductive sometimes

    @Hope, me too! Life goal right there!

    @NinjaGirl, I too am a night writer. Sleep is overrated.:)


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