Sunday, February 19, 2012

True Life

Part of my absence is due to editing. A majority of my absence is due to the fact I'm going to Chicago soon for AWP and I'm pulling 14 hour days to be able to afford the trip.

Usually, I wake in the morning (its at least a two hour process), head to the mountain, ride or get lessons, then drive an hour to my second job. I get out of work at 9pm, have a 40ish minute drive until I go home. I shower right quick, collapse into bed with Baxter and prepare to start again. I haven't even started my computer in about four days.

I'm currently in bed posting this from my phone.

I promise to update more and offer more rambling in March.


  1. Hitting Chicago for AWP will make it all worth it! Sounds wonderful. Be sure to tell us all about when it's over. :)

  2. AWP?
    I'm glad I'm not in the wash, rinse, repeat cycle right now, but I have been there.

  3. Keep telling yourself it'll all be worth it :-)

  4. Wow! That's a crazy work schedule! It'll be worth it, I am sure.


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