Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing Books III

Welcome to round three of the Writing Books Series. What does this mean? Basically that each Thursday (ideally, sometimes real life gets in the way) I'm going to post a book I've found helpful in my writing career, tell you why I found it helpful, and try to tell you a price range. I'll try to keep this up until I run out of books, or lose motivation, whichever comes first :)

So, Book Three is:


My sister got me this book about a year ago. Granted, I haven't fully gotten through it, but the parts I've gotten through have rocked my world. This is for those of you who keep a journal. It revolutionizes the way you think, how you approach it. It tells you to always keep your journal with you (though I haven't....oops). It revamped the way I time-keep, so each entry I say; day, start time, end time, where I'm at/who I'm with, etc. Because of this, I've actually gotten some story ideas, and also had some lovely journal entries to go back to, rather than just rambling about why I'm pissed off that day.
Price is $5-$15, look around though. I'm not sure where all you can get it at (like I said, my sister got it for me :) ). 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I have an idea-notebook that I carry around with me, in case I think of a snippet of dialogue while at a traffic light. I'm not sure if I'm disciplined enough to keep a proper journal, though :)


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