Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Writing Prompt

Since I just spent all of the night working on submissions for PNWA, I'm exhausted, written and edited out, and cranky. I feel like with the aftermath of Valentine's Day, some of you may be feeling the way I am, too. So with that, don't lose heart. I've come up with a writing prompt to try out. And, it's a choose your own adventure. How fun!

Option 1:
*Go somewhere. McDonald's. The mall. A park. The beach. Anywhere where there will be people around you.
*Bring a notebook.
*Now sit for five to ten minutes observing the interactions around you.
*Find some people that you find terribly interesting.
*Fall in love with them for some reason.
*Now write the scene:
           How are they interacting with each other?
           What does their body language say?
           What perspective are you writing in?
           What is happening?
           What is the tension in the scene?


Option 2:
*Stay home.
*Grab a notebook.
*Put on your favorite movie or TV show.
*Pick a scene you really, really, really like.
*Write it:
           What is happening?
           What perspective are you writing in?
           Who are the characters?
            What is the tension in the scene?

For both of these, if you feel super ambitious, write the scene a few different ways; 1st person. 3rd person. His perspective. Her perspective. The table's perspective. You pick. It's amazing what you can do with writing, play with it. Remember, it's supposed to be fun!

Let me know what you come up with :)

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