Friday, March 30, 2012

To Write Love On Her Arms

I bring TWLOHA up a lot on this blog. During October, when I was going crazy, Patrick bought me my first TWLOHA shirt, with a small note that said something like, "Keep fighting." That was it. And it was enough.

I haven't worn this shirt since that time.
But I'm breaking it out today :)
I wore that shirt for days (and nights) on end for a couple of reasons: 1) Because it was black, and that was all I was wearing for about a month 2) Because Patrick had gotten it for me. Weeks before I'd been laying with him and asked point blank, "What would you do if I killed myself?" This was before I'd taken the test, before I fully knew the truth, but I'd had my suspicions. His response? "It's something I would never forgive you for." This shirt, this timing, reminded me of that, it gave me strength to wake up in the morning...even if I wasn't moving, yet. 3) It was a TWLOHA shirt. If you don't know what it is, click the link in the first sentence. They're an amazing organization that reminds people that they aren't alone, that there's hope. We all have our battles, we also have supportive people, strangers, pets, that can help us get through those battles when we're not strong enough to get through them on our own.

Today is March 30. This marks the 6 year anniversary for To Write Love On Her Arms. In that small time frame, they've saved lives, connected lives.

Never forget that YOU (whoever you are reading this), you are important, and you are beautiful. Don't be afraid of the darkness within you, we all have it, too. It's what makes us human, it's what reminds us to be strong for others.



  1. Wow....this literally made me just cry. Like your last paragraph really hit a chord with me.

    Thank you so much for connecting me to their website.

  2. @Anon, I'm sorry it made you cry! I'm hoping it was good tears at least! I'm glad you're connected. It's an amazing resource. Keep your head up!

  3. Thank you for that last paragraph. I don't feel those things right now, but it'll get better.


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