Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memoir Writing II: Memoir Survival Kit

Welcome to day 2 of Memoir Writing! Yay. Before we really get down and dirty this week, I thought I'd make a fun post, because let's face it...writing about how we've messed up...umm...


So, in order to deal with these things, I've created the Memoir Survival Kit:

1--An alcoholic beverage of some sort. I prefer wine, vodka, or beer. After each intense scene, take a shot, sip, drink. If you can't drink, I'd recommend a strawberry shake. Maybe a smoothie. Something with a lot of calories to fill the gaping hole you'll feel, because trust me...it'll be there.
2--Good, positive, reassuring company. Allow yourself to take breaks call friends and family, and freak out for a moment. Make sure the people you're interacting with will push you, not hinder you. You need support to take on this project.
3--Things that inspire you. I LOVE James Frey, and I usually have this book with me when I travel because he signed it with an extremely encouraging message, "If I can write a book and get it published, you can too."

4--The ability to do research. These things may consist of; old blog posts, Facebook statuses, notebooks, old texts, or even going and harassing friends and family to get their memory to help your memory.

5--Food. Must remember to eat. Must remember to take care of yourself.

6 and 7--Water, and scenery. Water, because we need to stay hydrated. Scenery, so we can remind ourselves that life, isn't always this crappy. We've survived worse. We're here to tell our stories and to give strength to those people who haven't yet faced what they've been through. We're writers, we give voices to things that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day.

But that doesn't mean we don't need shots when we write. Ernest Hemingway said, "Write drunk; edit sober." 


Tomorrow's blog will talk about:

Selling Out Everyone You Love (a lovely panel from AWP). Basically, I'll be talking about how to approach personal invasion and alienation and subtle ways to say what you need to say without losing friends or family.

Hopefully, anyway.


  1. LOL! Sounds like you are fully prepared to write!

  2. Great survival kit! I usually write in the day, so I'll swap coffee for the wine ;) Night writing would go well with wine though! Night writer, ha! Did you ever watch that show? Night Rider? Okay, so off topic :) Have a great day!!

  3. When I get around to writing my memoir, I'm not going to care whom I piss off. It might even be my goal. :P

  4. One day I'm going to write my memoir, for my kids to read when I'm gone. It'll take a few bottles of wine I think.

  5. @JA, I am so ready. Sort of :) May need some sedatives, too :)

    @Hope, Coffee makes me really, really anxious. When handling the tough stuff, I think I'd go crazy. And nope, no Night Rider for this girl :)

    @Andrew, excellent goal!

    @Sarah, Definitely at least three :)


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