Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Word Verification and Heat

Okay, okay. Hope and J.A. you guys win. I turned my word verification off. I didn't even know it was on. Sorry.

If you're reading this, and not sure if your own blog has it on or not, I'd check J.A.'s post HERE just to make sure. It turns out there are a lot of us who are out there who hate it. I mean, I knew I hated it. Mainly because I was always afraid of mixing a letter up since they're all gross and diagonal, and...well...gross. I was unaware I was putting you guys through the torture.

In unrelated news, it's shorts weather where I'm at in Maine. Which sucks because all of the snow on the mountain is melting.

During this run, my partner in crime and I had to hike, for a long, long time to get to snow. ..
Riding has become an epic game of, AVOID-THAT-HUGE-DIRT-PATCH:

Partner In Crime
But...because the snow is melting, I've developed some bravery. I've been able to ollie over THAT-HUGE-DIRT-PATCH, I've landed more and more 180's off jumps, AND managed to do a grab (without slicing my hand off!). Plus, on a daily basis I've been riding the half pipe, which I've affectionately dubbed; The Slush Pipe.

Dropping into the Slush Pipe..I should be more forward than I am...shh...

The good news is, I haven't bashed in my knees recently. I haven't obtained another concussion (notice, my helmet is on. Thanks, Patrick!). The season is starting to come to a close.

Do you know what that means?

Oh yes. It's almost time to break this bad boy out:
Think I can add a side car for Baxter? :)


  1. You are so awesome!

  2. I obviously haven't been following you for long enough. I had no idea you had a bike - and such a beautiful one too :-)

  3. @Anonymous, thanks!

    @Miss Byrne, I do, too. Thanks :)

    @Sarah, I'm not sure I've ever blogged about it. Though I'm slightly worried because when Irene hit, I was living in North Carolina...it went under the water...may need some replacement parts... :/ We'll see when I try to start her up! :)

  4. This is a pretty great post. I love your bike.


  5. You are a total daredevil! Awesome! Watch out for my ms in that slush pile ;)

    1. Hey Girl, you are fearless and because you are, take it easy on that bike. I am sure, if he could, Baxter would love to be next to you in a side car!


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