Saturday, August 11, 2012

Books You Should Read

I'm stealing this quick little review idea from J.A. Bennett, because I liked her mini-reviews so much, and well, I needed a blog post because I've been slacking ALL WEEK.

Without further ado, here are some excellent books I've read recently:

Best Friends Forever
By: Jennifer Weiner
Rating on Goodreads: *** of *****

During my basement dwelling days, I saw this book in a box of...well...stuff. I asked the woman of the house about it, and BOOM, I got a hardcover of the novel (she was going to donate it because she'd already read it. I also inherited four other books this way).

I loved the story. Weiner did an awesome job of maintaining different perspectives, and showing how much we change and grow up (or sometimes don't at all) after high school.

It was a fun, beachy, read.

Such a Pretty Girl
By: Laura Wiess
Rating on Goodreads: **** of *****

My good friend, Patrick, got me this book for my birthday a few years back. Finally got a chance to read it.

Any novel that can make my stomach have a constant need to vomit gets a pretty high rating in my book. Wiess did a phenomenal job with characters, the MC, the mother, the father. I couldn't put this book down (except when it became too much, and I literally had to, or I'd vomit).

Exceptional writing. Not a beachy read. This one is more-so needed if you're in need of a good depression.

By: Michael Harmon
Rating on Goodreads: *** of *****

My sister bought me this book for Christmas. Well done, sister, well done :)

I loved Poe. At parts, the writing felt a little weak (which I'm crediting to the fact that this was a male trying to get inside a female's head), but it was a fast read. I did not expect the climax to get my eyes to pop open and be all, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" but, Harmon did, so, cudos!

This one was also a little too intense to be called a beachy read.

Looking for Alaska
By: John Green
Rating on Goodreads: ***** of *****

I bought this book in Florida because I was waiting for LeakyCon Lit Day 2011 to start. Yes, this is a signed copy, and yes, I was one of those geeky people who ambushed John and was all "PLEASE I WON'T BE HERE FRIDAY, PLEASE SIGN, PLEASE SIGN!" Even still, it took me a year to read.

It also took me two tries to read. The first one I got distracted and couldn't commit to reading. The second time, I finished it in a day. The only other book I've done that with was If I Stay (recently, anyway). At one point, I litearlly threw this book across the room and started SCREAMING at John Green, but the novel was beautifully written, and I fell deeply in love with each character. I literally think about this book every single day, AND just got The Fault in Our Stars, so that's exciting!

I'd give myself ample time to recover after reading this novel. It's amazing, but again, not beachy.

Have a great weekend! What are some good books you've read recently?


  1. I just read about Such a Pretty Girl somewhere else, but didn't make note of it. Now this is the second time. I think I'll have to add it to my Goodreads TBR list.

    1. It was a really, really good book!Gut wrenching, but good.


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