Friday, August 3, 2012

Falling in Love

I've had a lot of time alone to dissect what draws me to people/what repels me from people.

During my stay in Seattle, I met a boy the night Jen and I went to celebrate. I'd been brave and talked to not only agents, but editors as well. Thus, Jen and I put on dresses, and make up, and hit the town.

When I'd ordered a drink, a lovely gentleman with an OK GO t-shirt on called to our waitress, "I'll buy those drinks, actually." What could we do? Of course we asked him to sit with us.

This picture makes me laugh, so hard
After a few minutes of gushing thank yous from both Jen and me (as we're super broke), the drinks (Irish Car Bombs) arrived.

I looked to Jen, and looked to the cute Irish stranger sitting near me. "I'm going to drool all over the table, don't judge."

His response? "I don't judge, I work with drool all day."

I stopped. Jen stopped. Immediately I was attracted (I come from a long line of droolers. It always makes an appearance in my novels.) "What do you do?" I asked.

"I'm a veterinarian." There are two types of people I love in this world. 1) Writers, because we're all batshit crazy. 2) Veterinarians, because they're pet people. (I actually got a degree in Medical Biology for Pre-Vet)

And like that, Jen and I dropped the shot into the mug and chugged. Sure enough, I drooled all over the table. He handed me a napkin and bought the following round. Early in the night he took me and Jen out on the dance floor (allowing us to share him equally).

18 Second Video. Highly recommend watching it
(It is kind of dark though, sorry!)

It was then I knew I loved this stranger. Not only was he a vet (we talked quite a bit about my dog and his work), but he knew how to dance, RESPECTFULLY. He wasn't feeling me up, or groping me, or grinding on me. Instead, he would twirl me, and spin me, and dip me, and lead me the way the guys do in movies.

During one of our magical dances, he dipped me and proceeded to kiss me, which caused heat flashes in every part of my body. He was thirty something, I was twenty something, and in the hours I spent with him, I planned out the rest of my life.

But all fairy tales come to an end, and like Cinderella, my prince had other plans and left the bar around midnight, taking my phone number and never calling again. (In all fairness, by the end of the night, I found another boy to dance with, and when the vet returned, new boy had his arm around me, and he just stood, suddenly very uncomfortable. I excused myself from the table to talk to him, and do you know what he said? DO YOU? "I just came to make sure you guys were okay." And my heart died. I wanted to tell him that I'd leave new boy for him, that I should shoo away the other person, but the damage had been done. He left again, and my little heart went with him.)

So why am I blogging about this?

When I read a book, I want to fall in love with characters. I want to see the things that draw me to them. Sure, tall, dark, and handsome rocks (you know the kind, dark hair, jet blue eyes). But tall, dark, and handsome can have a collection of dead babies in his closet. I need more, I need the flawed, the intense, the spontaneous, or whatever else. This lovely gentleman made this night in Seattle memorable, and now, nearly a year later, I still think of him (and regret not being able to spend more time with him). I knew him for maybe four hours, and his presence resides in my heart.

The question for you, writers, is:

Will your characters steal my heart, too?


  1. Oh. Wow. What an amazing post! Seriously. If I, as a writer, can write a character that stays in your heart, even after a long span of a year, then I have done a superb job of writing. This is my wish. I am bookmarking this post so I can read it on a daily basis. Thanks:)

    1. I am so glad no one is around me right now because I just made a giddy-happy noise. (This was a huge compliment to me, thank you!)

      It is my goal, too. Before I'm able to start a project, I have to see my characters clearly, their quirks, their weirdness. And then the story comes.


  2. Wow, now there's a story beautifully told. That's exactly the kind of fairytale meeting a girl's heart dreams about! Thank you for sharing this, and reminding us writers one of the biggest reasons we write--to share our love for our characters with others.

    1. He really was incredible, though for the life of me I can't remember his name (goes to show how important names are anyway, eh?)

      Thanks for the RT!

  3. I loved your story, and sometimes the guy saves you from being proposed to by a guy that is mentally unstable and after that you begin dating, and time passes...It turns out that it has been 3 years come September.Sometimes it does last especially if it was meant to be, and you are right those are the type of characters you can make to emotionally touch people the way you did me with a story as simple as that.

    1. Thank you. I know what it's like to close your eyes, open them and have a year, or several pass. But, I'll be posting about that closer to the end of August, and through October.

      Thank you for the kind words.

  4. I LOVE this!! I love that challenge!! Thanks for that! :)

  5. You. Are so brave. I am secretly (or not so) wishing for him to see this post.

    1. That'd be awesome if he did, lol. I don't even know what I'd like "Sorry I was the creepy girl in the bar that night..."

  6. Lynn(e) I read this a little while back but didn't have a chance to comment. Anyway, this is such a beautiful story--sad, too, but still beautiful. Made me sigh and I agree with the lady above. I hope he sees it too ;)
    HOpe you're having a great week!
    Ninja Girl


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