Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things I Won't Miss

I'ts official. I'm moving.

By the end of today, I'll be in the new place. But each box I carry to the car, and each air mattress I deflate reminds me that there are things I will miss about this place...

And then things I won't. At all. With that said (because I like lists, and they're easy to make when you're short on time)...

Things I Won't Miss About this Apartment

It is pretty, at least...
10) The 45 minute to 1 hour drive
Sure, it was scenic. But when I had to make stops, or get stuck in traffic, especially at night, the drive felt like the trek from North Carolina to Maine. I'd be tired, and cranky, and STILL have to let Baxter out. Speaking of Baxter, if I was working an eight hour shift, he'd be alone for about ten hours a day, making me feel like the worst pet parent in the world.
The new place is about ten miles from work. Not forty. It'll be swell to not pay an additional $80 in gas a month.

9) Stumbling in after a long day
As an environmentalist, I don't like to leave lights on or things plugged in. Therefore, when I came home from work, I'd instinctively open the door and flip the light switch to have...nothing. Right, there's no light when you just walk in. Then I'd us my phone, trip over shoes, Baxter's food bowls, and make my way to the living room light switch. It took a lot of skill not to fall to my death. It'll be nice to come home and have a light that works.

8) Bedroom Lights
Speaking of poor lighting. When I came to look at the apartment, it was daylight. No real need to test the lights, right? It wasn't until my first night here I realized my bedroom has no light. It has a switch, but no light. I've lived here since May telling myself that this fact is charming, and that at some point I'd buy a lamp. Well, I never did. Really, it's not charming. If I needed anything from my room I'd have to rely on my phone to guide me, most times saying screw it and waiting until morning. I also couldn't ever read in bed, which I also found lame.
It'll be lovely to have light in my bedroom again.

I had my car in this for perspective
7) Traffic and Trains
My apartment is the closest to the road and subsequent railroad tracks. Every night around 11:30pm, the train goes by. It shakes the foundation of the complex. Plus, each time the train whistles, you can't hear yourself think. Because I'm irrational sometimes, I'd imagine being murdered, and no one being able to hear me scream (yes, that loud). Each night I had an anxiety attack.
The same goes for traffic. Each car that passed shook the place. Each semi-truck was awful. The first few nights meant minimal sleep. Now, I think I could sleep through a hurricane, so it's not all bad.

6) Air mattresses 
::Sigh:: as much as I loved them, I deflated the first one a couple of days ago. The second will be deflated around noon today. I've slept on air mattresses for the last three months (almost four months). Before that, in North Carolina, I rocked them as well. They make a good emergency bed for a girl who doesn't own real furniture, but it gets old after awhile.
The new place has a bed. An actual box spring. It'll be nice to be human again.

5) Blinds on the windows.

The following three windows are blind-less: living room, bathroom, bedroom. About a month ago it was rumored we had a peeping tom, and I don't like to wear shirts. (I prefer just lounging in sports bras, I mean, who do I have to impress?) Well, the lack of blinds put a damper on that fun. Plus, when the neighbors started going crazy, you could see right in to everything I did/do.
It'll be nice to have privacy again.

4) Sans Microwave
I haven't been able to use a microwave since my basement dwelling days. Which means everything I've eaten was made in a blender, toaster, oven, or just eaten right outta the fridge. I got pretty creative with some stuff, but when you just wanted to nuke something for thirty seconds, and instead would have to wait 23 minutes, it was kind of lame. PLUS, I've had boxed popcorn I haven't been able to eat all this time.

3) Television
The Olympics. Every four years since I was a tyke, I'd sit in front of the TV and watch the gymnasts soar, and fly, and twirl their bodies. Well, this year, I didn't get to enjoy ANY of it. It's the first time I never even got to catch a glimpse of the track and field events, swimming...nothing. Usually I relish being without a TV, but sometimes, it'd be nice to watch a movie, you know?

2) The neighbors fighting
I'm sure you've seen me blog or tweet about this. The walls between complexes are paper thin. The guy next door is angry, and he'd yell at his ten years younger girlfriend, and make her cry, and she'd scream back, and it was just not cool. I don't like fighting. Especially when the guy sounds that angry.

1) The neighbors. Period.
I won't miss being afraid to come home, or fearing that my dog may be dead when I returned. Granted, in recent days things seem to have quieted, but if anyone was on the porch, I'd cringe. I won't miss worrying that they've done something to my car, put dog crap on my steps, etc.

While I'm going to have a roommate at the new place, and I'm back to basement dwelling, I'll be saving money for my next move. Baxter will have an adorable playmate. But the good things about the new place will be a list for another post, just as the things I'll miss from this apartment will be another post.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend. The new place doesn't have internet set up yet, so I'll be back ASAP.


  1. Ummm, how did you stay there so long? :)

    Good luck with the move.

  2. I've lived in many, many, many dumps like that before! 7 years with no TV and 5 with no freezer for example. Glad your new place will be better!

  3. Good luck on the new digs! I'm hopping over from GUTGAA.

    :) Rachel Dillon


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