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If you're here for the Letting Go Blog Hop, please don't hate me! It'll be posted Wednesday, I fell behind on all the blog hops I've signed up for! (Sorry!)

This week's portion of Express Yourself is the Top 5 Favorite Monsters

So, without getting in trouble for copyright issues, here are mine:

There are reasons I never went
to art school :)
5) Godzilla
When I was a kiddo I used to read the books. If I remember correctly, he was kind of always the hero, battling the bad monsters, and kicking their ass. 
Then in 1998, Hollywood released the movie. (Spoiler alert) There's a scene after they blow up Madison Square Garden, where all the little Godzilla baby bodies are strewn about. Godzilla sees them, and pushes on this with his/her nose, and wails because it's kiddos are dead. It's heart breaking. So of course, he/she goes on a rampage.

At the end, they trap Godzilla on the bridge, and shoot at him/her, and then he/she dies. Everyone cheered, but I didn't. It actually made me want to cry. All he/she wanted to do was live, and eat, and make babies, you know? And we (people) killed him/her.

4) King Kong
The same goes for King Kong. He was just really big, any maybe misunderstood. I thought the movie did an awesome job of why he fell in love with the girl, though, and I enjoyed the movie a lot. One of the things that really bugged me about this movie (and society in general) is that they were all, "Wow, we found this really huge thing, let's capture it, enclose it in a tiny habitat, and then shoot it when it goes crazy!" 
I don't like that ending. I'd like to see the monster win, at least once.

3) The Hulk
He's big. He's angry. He's green. He also likes to smash things and destroy stuff, so you know, it's pretty epic. PLUS most people don't run screaming, and, as far as I'm aware, no one is trying to kill him just for being alive.

2) All X-Men
Some are "monsters". Most are just plain Bad Ass.

1) Baxter
He may seem all cute, and sleepy, and cuddly. But his tail leaves bruises. If he's running at you, and you don't stand still, he can lay you out.
But you know, he is still kind of cute and cuddly :) Plus, he's my monster.

What are your favorite monsters through history?


  1. Great monsters. I didn't know Godzilla was in the books, I'd only seen the movies.

    One of my favorites would be Hannibal Lecter. A different kind of monster.

    1. I actually have never seen the full movie...any of them. I should maybe get around to that...

  2. Love the pic! Those are some classic monsters! Xmen are some of my fav monsters and heroes alike. And if all monsters come as cute a cuddly as Baxter I'll take him any day!

    1. Yea, he's not so bad...most of the time. I forgot to mention how much he drools though, that's kind of icky :)

  3. Great monster choices! I adore the Xmen, and you're right, they're monsters too. My favorite is your Baxter. Monsters can't get better than that.

    1. Tee he he. I love Baxter. I'm glad you like him, too :)

  4. I felt the exact same way about Godzilla! My vote was always for flying it to some deserted island and them taming it to have as the best way to avoid traffic ever. Bridge all clogged up? No problem! GODZILLA, JUMP! Bumper to Bumper all the way down the freeway? No problem! GODZILLA, SQUISH!

    1. That would have been pretty cool to tame Godzilla. I don't think I even thought of that! least let Godzilla live.. :(

  5. Nice choices! I love Wolverine. (I wish Hugh Jackman would talk in his Aussie accent as Woverine. That'd be amazing. *sigh*)
    The pics of your dog and drawing are cute! :D

  6. cute choice for #1! new follower here, helloooooo...!

  7. Godzilla! Why didn't I think of Godzilla! Good choice.


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