Friday, March 15, 2013

Plastic Bags and Sea Turtles

In a past life, I was a sea turtle. I swam in the oceans, and ate crabs and squid, and whatever else I could get my hands on.
This wasn't me. This was a turtle I got to work with at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center
Then one day as I was swimming along, something white swam in front of me. With all the muscle I had in my flippers, I pushed hard, and ate it. But it stuck, in my throat. I tried, and tried, and tried to expel this squid, but it wouldn't go. I tried to swim for the surface for air, but whatever was in my throat didn't let me.

And I died, a slow and painful death.

You know how there's a big push for you to use reusable bags? This is why. That white thing that was floating in front of me was a plastic bag from your local super market. They take forever to degrade, and if you live in a coastal state, most times they float into the ocean.

Sea turtles are already endangered. They mistake plastic bags for jellies, squid, other swimmy things that can be eaten. They can't spit them out, and they choke.

Consider this the next time you shop. Try reusable bags, or try no bag at all. It may save my past life's family.


  1. Both Portland and Seattle have actually banned plastic bags! How cool is that? Pretty cool, my friend.

    1. That is super cool. It was a huge culture shock moving from NC to ME (NC also has a ban)

  2. Cool post, and the comment above makes me happy too :)

  3. i hate it when animals have to suffer the consequences of our actions.:( I always try to bring my own grocery bags when I'm shopping.

  4. A thought provoking story, and a lovely way to get your message across, congratulations Lynn:)

  5. Great post! I've got fun reusable bags from various countries I've visited throughout the years that I use at the grocery store.

    Also, for produce, I use "FAVE Bags" -- they're super awesome!

  6. We should try our best to reject suing Plastic Bags for our friends-animals.


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