Monday, March 11, 2013

Public Transporation

In case you didn't read about that time I got lost in Seattle, on foot, for three hours in the sketchy side of town, here's another reminder of why I drive everywhere rather than taking public transportation:

The view from the train
Damien drove Laura and me to AWP where we registered and ate dinner and checked into my hostel (which ended up being this God-awful place, and I ended up not even staying there because we were all so creeped out by it. But that's another blog post).

By the end of the night he returned home to Maine and Baxter, while I stayed with my twitter friend's friend (you'll remember her from the time everyone said I was going to get murdered in Boston). It was the first time I'd slept on a real bed in well over a month, and when my head hit the very fluffy, very clean, pillow, I was out.

The following morning Veronika drove me to the bus station with a handy-dandy print out of directions. I should have been able to get to AWP just fine, but instead, I arrived nearly 45 minutes AFTER the first panel started. (Meaning I was lost for about 1.5-2 hours.)

First, I took the OUTBOUND when I was supposed to take the INBOUND. Second, the GREENLINE was WAY above my head. I may have gotten a little over emotional and overdramatic, but hey, I missed the first panel. I was allowed to. When I finally arrived at the Hyne's Convention Center stop, I couldn't figure out which direction to walk to actually get to the Convention Center. (Thankfully, I am NOT above talking to strangers.)

Rather than barging in all sorts of late, I arrived, covered in snow, wet feet, and soaked pants, and promptly found The Rumpus table. Remember how I told you guys that sometimes you need to buy new gear to get yourselves inspired? I forgot to mention that coffee cups can also do the trick, and can cheer you up in seconds. When I got to the table I said, "Please for the love of God tell me you have the Write like a mother fucker mugs!"

The gentlemen there said, "Yes we do."

"You're damn right you do!" I shouted and forked over the money. I've wanted this cup for YEARS now. Last year they sold out. At long last it's mine:

So for a time, I was happy. The conference was amazing (stay tuned, I'll have more posts of the awesomeness), and then came time to take the bus home. Only, the bus I was supposed to take wasn't the bus I was supposed to take.

It's 3am, and he's still happy to see me :)
Long story short (because I can see your eyes glaze over already) Damien had to drive down from Maine at midnight and drive back as daylight savings hit and he had to work at 9am. Needless to say, I am less than impressed.

Moral of the story is....well, I'm not that sure. Maybe I'm just grateful to have my car back, and that Damien was willing to pick me up. Oh, and I missed Baxter :)

Happy Monday.


  1. So... do you have problems following maps? I know it's just easier/harder for some people.

    Tourists need a GPS like app to upload their destination on public transportation and then it'll tell you if you're getting on the wrong one, before you arrive at that wrong place. You could totally personalize it to make it fun.

    So I'm gonna get on a subway and I type in the number or whatever it's called cause I don't ride subways much. Then there'd be this radio frequency waves sent out at that station line. So if you get on the wrong train, you could have it yell out. "You're on the wrong train, dumbass." You'd get off. Find the right one. Problem solved.

    Could work for busses too. Hmmm. That's an idea. :)

    1. You need to invent that app. Seriously. I'd use it. And I'm pretty okay with maps, but I need to know I am here, and THIS is where I'm going (I get confused with train maps)

  2. Yeah, unless I already know where I'm going, I avoid buses and trains as well. Glad you had fun at the conference!


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