Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I realized today that the snow is melting. Which means snowboarding will be ending. It also means that I'll be down one job. I'll have more free time to do things. Like sit in my room, in my pajamas, with my laptop and write. And maybe read. If Baxter's lucky, there may be some snuggling to be had, too.

There is a lot I need to organize....
Anyway, it's Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway, so I figured I'd jump in. Their question posed was something along the lines of, Spring Cleaning, What do you hope to clean up in your writing?

I've been hearing from agents that they're having difficulty connecting to my main character(s), rather I'm still stuck in the showing verses telling. So, once the snow melts and my heart dies a bit (only for a couple months, it'll be back!) I fully intend to sit down and give my novels a few rounds of editing. Right now, I'm focusing on my memoir.

What about you guys, what common pitfalls do you fall into?


  1. Hey, that was the comment I got most with the mc of the first novel I queried. I didn't know what I was doing back then, so I'll go back to that story sometime.

    With this current one it's the voice.

    Now those two things don't seem like they're too different, but I think with the first, the didn't like the sarcastic, cynical main character. This one is more like there's nothing special about her that grabs my attention.

    Figuring out the voice sucks. Hopefully I have improved though now.

  2. Plot has always been my big struggle. I'm hoping I'm getting the pacing better on this new one.

    Sarah Allen
    (creative writing blog)


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