Friday, March 1, 2013

New Settings

You know that moment where you look at your table and the bills are stacked up, or your kids (or dogs) won't stop making noise. Your head starts to swell, it becomes difficult to breathe...and your only thought is, "I gotta get out of here."

Sometimes all you need is a large meadow of snow
Perhaps some hot chocolate

First you try to buy some new gear, shoes, a new pretty pen, and it works for a couple of days. Then you befriend the local cashier at your bank or grocery store. But when that's not quite cutting it and you feel smothered, there's one more trick. Finding a new setting.

I live in a gingerbread house
I moved in early in February and have been here for about a month. It's not evil roommates making me anxious, it's the fact that I have way too much stuff. Boxes are all over the house. BUT overall, the place is nice. The only downfall is that there's not a yard for Baxter to play in so I've been trying to take him running or for long walks as much as possible. I've also taken some displays from work and turned them into bookshelves (will post pictures soon), so it's helping with the clutter.

Bottom line is, if you get to the point you can't breathe or even hear your thoughts anymore, take your new fancy pen, your new fancy friend, and try somewhere new. Perhaps a coffee shop, a McDonald's, anywhere that has wifi, you pick. But let yourself breathe, it's okay to need some time away.

Happy Friday.


  1. That house looks totally awesome! I would sit on that deck, smoke cigars, and talk about useless stuff!

  2. It reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. So cute! Glad you found something new :)

  3. Great advice! Your house is adorable - small and cute! Changing something small and rewarding yourself is really helpful. :)


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