Friday, February 1, 2013

Dog Food Challenge 2013: Eater Two

Welcome to the 2013 Dog Food Challenge.

Earlier in January, I posted some information about the 2013 Dog Food Challenge. Basically, I have four people and myself. On Valentine's Day (because we hate V-Day) we're going to circle up, and delve in to some canned dog food. Some of us for research. Some because it's also a fundraiser...(we're each aiming to raise at least $10 to donate to the local animal shelter) and some well... I guess we'll find out why they're doing it.
Marlene and Patrick.
Love at first sight.
This is my good friend Marlene. A few months ago I approached her at work and asked, "Hey, that novel I was talking about...the chick has to eat dog food...and it's more fun to do dumb things with friends so want to eat dog food with me?"

She squirmed. Looked uncomfortable. Then, after some pressuring we stood in the pharmacy and took a small bite out of a dog biscuit. Now, after more pressuring and the idea that it's a fundraiser, she's on board.

Stay tuned to find out who the other contenders are :)


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