Friday, February 22, 2013

A Call For Submissions

 I've been blowing this blog up a lot with the whole abortion debate, and politics, and other fun things. In order to focus The Submission Process more-so on writing (and ranting about the real world), and less on politics/changing the world, I'm starting a new blog, AbortionChat, and right now, I'm calling for submissions.

Really, really excited
The idea behind this is I want to hear from everyone. ProLife, ProChoice, Pro--whatever. Male, female, puppy, etc. I had a meeting with some folks from Planned Parenthood, and basically, we want to spread some grey area. Abortion is no longer a black and white area. There are people out there who say, "I'm against it...unless in case of incest." So, I want to know why you believe the things you do, why are you for/against abortion? Did someone close to you have one? Are you involved in the church? Were you raped? Do you have a little girl who you want to be allowed to make her own decisions with her body?

With that said, I'm hoping to launch this here new blog sometime in March. I'd love if you'd stop by. Even if you don't want to tell your story, maybe you can connect with someone else's.

Have an awesome weekend. It seems like Baxter will...

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