Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

I am an inadequate girlfriend. In prior years, I've had boys tell me the day before V-Day that they cheated on me...six months ago. This year, I figure hey, I'm in a healthy happy relationship so...try to do it right, right?

Plan one was to eat dog food. Well, Jen's car blew up (not literally) but it turned out that she lives in the middle of nowhere, so the Dog Food Challenge has been rescheduled. Damien and I spent the night eating Subway and watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower...

The following day, because I'm poor and classy, and Valentine's gifts were 50% off, I finally manned up and bought some presents. He picked me up from work, drove me home, and a few minutes later we exchanged gifts.

He opened a very obnoxiously large card (it had an adorable bear on the front), discovered a hot pink heart full of candies that on the front read, Princess, (I call him Princess because it's funny) and another smaller heart full of Reeses (because he likes them).

And then he handed me a large box and said, "It's kind of wrapped awkwardly. Sorry."

I opened the box. In the box was sweatpants...wrapped around something. I removed them, and low and behold, it's The Hunger Games trilogy. I about peed my pants. (Seriously. He then asked if he could read them...and because I'm pretty anal about my books, I encouraged going to the library.)

His Present......My Present
Moral of this story is that I'm a terrible girlfriend. Then I proceeded to ask him if I could borrow $10 for lunch money this week...

Happy Monday.


  1. Why don't I visit this blog more often?! The way you tell things makes me laugh! Is it bad that I'm laughing, though?
    And you're not a bad girlfriend... a bad one would've not given him anything AND would've let him borrow those books knowing that she would end up hurting him if something happened to said books. So see? You saved a life! :D

  2. I'm having Gollum flashes of you with the books.

  3. LOL! At least you bought him something. My husband didn't get a valentine gift or a birthday present. Okay - I took him out but didn't officially get him a present so you're doing AWESOME on my list! And yes - he totally rocked on what he got you! Good guy!


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