Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Friends

New friends last season
Good friends this season

Last season, I was in the middle of a lesson when I looked over and there was this thug looking guy (Mat) teaching this tiny little girl (Becca) how to snowboard. My lesson came back for the next few days, and the Mat and Becca came back. By the end of the week, we all exchanged Facebook information and became friends.

Then Mat, Becca, and a few of their friends came to the mountain just after I'd returned to Maine from Lyn's funeral. I was a mess, I'd been away from the mountain for two weeks, I'd seen the boy I'd dated for five years...and I just felt broken and hollow. But I took the day off work, and we all rode. Slowly the pieces came back together. I dubbed it mountain therapy.

This year, the Mat came back with another friend who'd come for that Mountain Therapy trip. I drove up, slept on their hotel floor and couldn't believe how great it was to be around these guys. I felt energized, bold...and best of all, happy.

So your mission then, is to be open to new people. Even if they look like thugs, or hooligans, or whatever. Sometimes it can re-inspire you more than a new pen. Plus sometimes they make fun new characters (these guys are obsessed with reggae).
I'm thankful that I met these people.

2-4, me, Mat
My new friends :)


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Its always fun when we go up. I just wish we could go more often than we do.
    Mountain therapy is extremely important. It keeps people sane and puts you back on the right track. We will see how funding is. Hopefully we can get back up there again. Also, Reggaefest is in April at Sugarloaf!

    Remember...good vibes haha


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