Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dog Food Challenge 2013: Eaters Four And Five

Welcome to the 2013 Dog Food Challenge.

Earlier in January, I posted some information about the 2013 Dog Food Challenge. Basically, I have four people and myself. On Valentine's Day (because we hate V-Day) we're going to circle up, and delve in to some canned dog food. Some of us for research. Some because it's also a fundraiser...(we're each aiming to raise at least $10 to donate to the local animal shelter, we'll see if that actually happens) and some well... I guess we'll find out why they're doing it. 

You've met Jen and Marlene, and Billy. Today, you'll meet the last two contenders:

Damien and Me :)
One fancy day at the pharmacy a cute boy walked in. I talked some snowboarding, he dropped his number and ran out the door. A month or so later, we were dating and I asked if he'd want to eat some dog food. He said yes. Huray!

And well, I'm the last one. Stay tuned. The eating is tomorrow :) (Hoping to be able to do some video)


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  2. Some because it's also a fundraiser.. check out .(we're each aiming to raise at least $10 to donate to the local animal shelter,


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