Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cats and Dogs

My good friend's cat and Baxter
I know I gush about how perfect and how smart Baxter is. Most of the time he is. But while I can leave whole pizzas in front of him and walk away, or uneaten tacos, my adorable pup has on weakness: Other Animals. Cats, Dogs, Raccoons doesn't matter, he loves them all and wants to play with them.

We've had instances where we've gone long boarding and a neighbor-dog who is unleashed decides to try to attack the unsuspecting Baxter. I've had Baxter sans leash, and he's come home with scratch marks across his face from the big dark animal he decided to chase for a half mile while I'm running behind him and screaming for him to "Get back here!"

There is no reasoning with him when there is another animal life form around. While the center of his universe usually focuses on me, when there is a meow across the street, or a person walking their dog...I cease to exist in Baxter world. In North Carolina while I was visiting a friend, Baxter saw a small dog across the street, began to run, smashed straight into my legs. It was like a movie, my legs flew over my head, and I pretty much landed on my neck hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I wanted to murder him.

Remember that time the old man exposed himself to me and I got him arrested? Where was Baxter, you
This was his friend he abandoned me for
wonder? Playing with his friend. Then there was that time we moved into the last sketchy place and within the first two days, Baxter managed to tree their cat (I should have known then it'd be trouble).

I love my dog. Really, I do. But sometimes, he's such an idiot, I just want to knock some sense into him. Thankfully, usually after I regain control of the little butthead, I'm able to send him to Time Out, but I feel like that's a post for another day :)


  1. Having a cat, I don't really have the issue of her focus redirecting onto other animals. But I have lately been using a phone ap that plays cat sounds, and as awful as it is, I'm finding her sudden rushing around the house to find the hidden cat hilarious.

    1. Haha, that does sound really funny. You should vlog it sometime :)

  2. Sounds like Time Out is a good post for when we finally make it to "T" :) And Kellie, I LOVE the cat piano! I think that's hilarious!! :)


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