Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sleep and Sit and Stay Signals

I'm a monster in the morning. If you wake me up, I will growl, yell, throw things...really, the first hour I'm awake, it's hazardous to be within a ten mile radius of me.

Though I love him, because he sleeps on the bed each night, Baxter is in the danger zone. So when he was a puppy, I started working with him on hand signals.

He responds to snaps (one snap verses two means different things), a closed fist says, Sit, while a flattened palm being lowered says, Lay Down. Flipping the hand over says, Roll Over, and holding your hand up in a stop-sign like fashion says, Stay (though this one is a work in progress).

I'm posting this so late because I've spent all day trying to get a video of him doing these things. If he calms down, it will be up!


  1. Oh, yes. Sit and stay. Blizzard knows Sit. (Cookie, cookie!) Stay--well, it depends.

  2. My brother gave me a sign for my birthday that reads, "I drink coffee for your protection." You and I might have something in common.
    Happy A to Zing

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