Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Household Hazards

Originally this post was going to be for Home and Hanging Out (but I'm sure you guys have seen enough of those pictures :) ), but I'd rather address something more serious (because I don't typically do that on this blog).

Many of you have expressed that you have pets that you love. But a lot of people don't know that things like onion, or garlic, can poison your pet. Many more don't know that these ingredients are found in canned dog food.

It's a scary world. Most people think "Hey, I can eat this, so my pet can, too." Sometimes that's true. Sometimes it isn't. I lived under that mentality until I obtained a veterinary internship my senior year of college (best idea, EVER. I got to assist in really intense surgeries. Amazing). It changed my life (and got me Pet-First-Aid Certified!)

With that said, I wasn't kidding. Here is a quick list of easy ways to accidently poison your four legged friend:

Baxter saying, "Please don't
feed me these onions"
*Onion~They can't digest it the same way we do. If I remember correctly it does something to their kidneys and liver

*Garlic~People who've been around awhile SWEAR that this acts as a flea and tick repellent. It doesn't. Your doggie's insides can't break garlic down the way we do. They'll eat it because they think it's yummy, but too much and your pup will keel over.

*Grapes~I once made the mistake of forcing my mom's dog to eat this. Years later I discovered it's the same as onion and garlic. Don't feed Fido grapes. Or really, fruit.

*Mouse or Rat poison~My mom's dog once found a container of this and ate the whole thing. Thankfully, we figured out he'd eaten it in time. The vet's pumped him full of charcoal and he was sick for a few days but alive. My father's dog wasn't as lucky, and she died a miserable death. If you have a pet, I understand that mice suck (I've had many die in my room...in my sheets). But try a live trap. #1) That way you're not killing something #2) You're not putting your friend in more danger than necessarily #3) You can release the mouse MILES from your house so (s)he'll never come back.

*Over the counter flea medication~I know it's cheaper than going to your vet, or even using 1-800-pet-meds, but really, please, DON'T use it. They've killed more dogs than the fleas have. And if you have a cat, DOUBLY DO NOT use that crap.

*Pain killers~See above about the mouse poison. It's bad news bears. Sometimes you can rush the dog in, get its stomach pumped, but most times, the owner doesn't know the pup can't digest it. If you're considering this route, TALK TO A VET FIRST, please.

For a more comprehensive list (and kittie geared, too) check THIS out. In the meantime, stay healthy, both you and your pet. Baxter expects a play-date soon. (No really, if you're ever in the area, please hit us up, he'd love it.)


  1. I have two dogs and although I have never given them onion,garlic or fruit I had no idea the damage that could be done if they got those things. And, I don't do anything unless the Vet advises, no home trying stuff,they are like my children and wouldn't try just anything on my kids. Great post reminding us to be careful about the things we do with our furry family members. Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. I had a friend during college that I'm pretty sure killed his dog with onions. He used to feed him Whoppers from Burger King. He'd go and get one for him and one for his dog.

    We let our dog have little pieces of apples sometimes, but I'm pretty sure those are okay.

  3. I bring my dog along with me when I hang out with my friend Kelly. She cooks a lot. One day, I can only assume, he must have gotten a piece of garlic (her best guess) off the kitchen floor because a day later it was coming out both ends. A $600 veterinary bill later we learned that he was fine, but those two days of him being sick were scary enough to make me keep him off the floor of her kitchen from then on, just in case.

    Also, apples are fine- my dog eats them all the time. Coffee, chocolate and anything with caffeine is NOT.


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