Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Greetings and Goings

So pathetic...
I work two jobs, which means that I'm gone anywhere from 8-12 hours a day (though I'll be back to one job soon enough). Though the boyfriend spends extra time with Baxter and lets him out during his lunch break, Baxter still sits and stares out the window as though the world is ending.

When we lived in North Carolina, I'd drop him off at friend's houses if I knew I'd be working a long shift. When I'd pick him up, they'd say, "I tried all day to get him to eat, or to play with him. But he just sat there and sighed. He was miserable."

As it turns out, there's just no fun left in the world.

But there are two exceptions to the misery rule:

1) When I come home (Greetings).
To Bax, it's like the world is full of dog treats, puppy toys, and canned food. The grass is made of back scratchers, and the trees have all been peed on. There is nothing better than the moment I walk through the door. His entire body wiggles, he pushes all of his weight into my legs, and for the next thirty seconds, I can do nothing but pet him until he deems it safe for me to enter the house.

2) When we get ready to go for a walk (Goings).
 Which is better described in this video. CAUTION: The sound was really messed up, so I'd mute it before I'd watch it. The effect is still the same:
Sometimes he gets so excited, he'll rear back like a horse, and kick his front paws in the air. Sometimes, he paws at the door like he's capable of breaking it down (who knows, he may be). It makes it hard to put his leash on, but as soon as it's on, it's go time. He's ready to face the world.

Which reminds me, it's Monday.

Are you ready to face the world? (Happy Monday, we hope your week is awesome!)


  1. There is nothing better than a dog greeting :) It makes everything better!

  2. That was really cute! We're looking for a puppy to join our crazy brood - this is foreshadowing:)

  3. Whenever I enter the house, my parent's little dog has to lick my pants and then go jump in the big dog's face to let her know I'm home. It's odd, but I love animals. :) Animal greetings are the best!

  4. Nice post! Good luck with the rest of the A-Z Challange.

  5. My puppy acts pretty much exactly the same, but because he's so tiny the jumping on me/rearing up on his hind legs isn't as intimidating.


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