Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quest

That's right, his paw
is as big as my foot
(pretty much)
And on this day, April 19, a million years ago, I was born into this world.

And on this day, April 19, 2013, Baxter, the boy, and I go on a day long quest and adventure! (If you're wondering what the difference between a quest and an adventure is, it's simple: an adventure is spur of the moment, anything can happen fun fest! A quest has a mission to accomplish! We're doing a bit of both!)

 First, to Portland, Maine where we will hold signs supporting Planned Parenthood for the work they do. From there, I have a meeting in a coffee shop with an organization (eek!).

Then, the biggest dragon of the quest:

Getting a Baxter paw print tattoo.

Originally, the plan was to get it on the top of my foot. But then I started thinking: 1) Baxter's paw is HUGE 2) I hate feet 3) I never wear flip flops. 4) No one would see my Baxter tattoo. 5) I would only see it when I showered.


Therefore, the location has changed to my calf. Less bony. More visible. Less feet-y. More Baxter-y :)

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