Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jackets

We've covered the fact that my mother is crazy, right? Well, if you're new to the blog, or hopping over from the A to Z Challenge, just trust me. She. Is. Nuts.

With that said, she currently owns three Jack Russels. They're cute, but yappy. They're a fraction of the size Baxter is. (Realistically, they probably weigh as much as one of Baxter's paws). So, of course, they all have jackets for the wintertime. And, really, she tries to dress them whenever she can.

He's all, "they make harnesses my size...
where is my jacket?"
A few years ago, I was so excited. Old Navy's doggie vests were on sale! I grabbed the largest size I could find and headed to my aunt's house. There, Baxter let me trap him. I slid one paw through the hole, and then the other. Then, I sat in front of him to button the clasps...only it was like buttoning a pair of pants after you've put on ten pounds~It felt like if he sucked in, I could get it, but it wouldn't be comfortable.

My hopes were dashed. I let my family see Baxter in his handsome little jacket
(because it matched mine), but returned the vest.

Since that time, every time I shop and stop into the dog food section, I look at the doggie jackets in the fleeting hope that one will fit my 120 pound dog.

Unfortunately, Wal Mart and Target's XL size is "up to 60-75 pounds".

If 60-75 pounds is an XL dog....what is a 120 pound dog?


Please know that if you comment and I don't respond, it's not because I don't love you. It's because I don't have wifi, but I do have a bad memory.

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